PumaPodcast atbp.

A listarticle for you because the worldwide pandemic got me listening to podcasts more than ever.

So if you like keep yourself informed+entertained or you also wash your dishes and cook while people talk about stuff in the background, you may want to give these a try.

The TED Interview. We all know what a TED talk is by now, this is just the podcast where you can dive deeper into some selected speaker’s topic and body of work. Not all TED talks are created equal so this is the place to go to when you want to get into an depth exploration of a good one.

PumaPodcast. Featured in the title because I appreciate it so much. Finally, a podcast made by Filipinos for Filipinos. I stumbled upon this, when I searched “Lourd de Veyra” on Spotify (because Lourd always has some shiny, tobacco infused, pearls of wisdom to share) when his episode on PumaPodcast came up and it was about the soundtrack of his life.

From there I found another gem of an interview: Manny Pangilinan. Other episodes I love are the recent COVID diaries and the New Normal series where Benjamin dela Peña, a city planner, talks about a public transportation plan for Metro Manila.

Paliwanang. A fairly new podcast, the first episode was published first week of May 2020. They describe themselves as a podcast about spirituality and alternative living in the Philippines. For those into Kundalini, meditation, yoga and the like, you get to join Nick Daez and Snap Lopa in their interviews that lean towards the journey to higher consciousness but with a grounded and pragmatic side to it as well.

Side note: I love the title. From Filipino, “paliwanag” translates to “explanation” but broken down “pa” and “liwanag” is also “to bring light to”. Oh diba! Ang galing ng ating wika — says me in a terrible Filipino accent

Who is the Filipino? & Love of Country by Rappler. I’m telling you there is a rise in good podcast content for us Filipino millenials and not so millenial. The titles are self-explanatory so I’ll just give my favorite episodes.

Under, Who is the Filipino, I enjoyed “Bisaya representation matters” & “Jason Zulueta on distance learning and keeping dreams alive” and all episodes of Love of Country, sadly there are only 4!

MUNI on This. I already like their own description so I’m just going to directly grab it and drop it here for you:

…a bi-monthly podcast where we reflect on the coexisting tensions, challenges and possibilities in co-creating a more mindful and livable world. We started MUNI on This to deal with our personal and collective distress about the state of our planet, but more importantly, we created this to give ourselves and you guys more reasons to hope and more motivation to act. It is produced by MUNI, and hosted and written by Jen Horn and Ayen dela Torre.

Outrage and Optimism. I found this similar to how I found PumaPodcast, but instead I was searching for Yuval Noah Harari. This one is heavy on climate change, global economy and world politics, discussed by the team who brought us the Paris Agreement. I personally enjoy it because the three hosts each resonate with me in part plus the title also encapsulates what I feel about most current events.

Exploring Filipino Kitchens. What else could this be about? But to be honest I have only listened to one episode, which was on Cherrie Atilano’s story and her founding of AGREA. It’s the newest find in my podcast library after all!

Atbp — at iba pa, translation: “and others”:

WorkLife with Adam Grant, the author of the book Originals

Rework by the team behind Basecamp, an excellent project management platform.

The High Low, though I’m not familiar with the writing of the two English female hosts, what you should know is that they cover the highbrow and lowbrow in pop culture and current events. It’s good fun to listen to and was recommended to me by my friend Inna A. !

Please do recommend what keeps your informed and entertained these days as well. Would be very much appreciated.




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